Become an It Works Distributor

Join the It Works Wrap business, become an It Works Distributor today – just $99 !

Are you ready to start your home-based body wrap business and become an It Works body wraps Distributor today? Awesome! The price of enrollment has dropped from $199 to just $99 and that $99 investment into your business comes with the right to sell the It Works products and includes everything you see pictured below, including the box of 4 body wraps! 


Whether you have a full time job, are a stay at home parent or have an existing business – becoming an It Works Distributor is not only fun and rewarding, but can be a great way to earn some extra money! By partnering with me today I can:

  • Help you launch your business effectively in your first 90 days
  • Get you plugged in to a step-by-step action plan and training academy.
  • You will be connected to a team who genuinely cares about your success and make themselves available to assist you.
  • Help you navigate various social media marketing strategies
  • Give you access to our team training page

So what’s the first step

1. Enroll as a distributor by clicking the icon below.


2. Pick your package:  The decision to get a booster pack is completely optional – however I very much recommend that you do. The mini-booster kit is only available at the time of enrollment. NOT getting a booster kit is something I regret. As a general rule, to have a decent-sized wrap party, you need to have three boxes of wraps on hand. So now you’ll need more product. And don’t worry, because your customers actually pay you to sample the It Works body wraps, you won’t be out of pocket. In fact, you’ll already be making money. 

The mini booster is only available upon enrollment. It includes two boxes of It Works Ultimate Body Applicators, the three products we always demonstrate at parties:

3. Set up your Autoshipment: There are no inventory requirements with It Works, but it is recommended that every distributor run, something that we call – an “autoshipment”. This 80 bv auto-shipment is just one the ways you run your business and remain qualified for commissions, bonuses and promotions. The monthly overhead that *I* spend is roughly $120 . $20 is spent on my replicated website/back office monthly. The replicated website is how people will purchase products from you as loyal customers and retail customers as well as enroll on your team as a distributor. The esuite/back-office is how you manage your business and team. I suggest you set up your autoshipment at two (2) boxes of wraps to meet the 80 bv autoshipment.

4. Contact me: If we have not spoken already, contact me immediately upon enrolling so I can get you connected with our team training resources and plugged in to the information you’ will need to get started on building your business right away!

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