We work so hard every day but don’t give our body enough recognition & rest that’s why its really important to pamper yourself at LEAST once a week! But weekly pampering can cost  and if you are unable to afford going to the spa every week then read on for some super easy and inexpensive way to pamper yourself at home!

1. Clean the house. I don’t know about you, but I can’t relax in a messy house. If you are unable to clean the whole house, just clean the bathroom or focus on whatever room you’re using to use to escape and pamper yourself. A a clutter free and clean space makes for better relaxation and peace of mind.

2. Light some candles. Candles are calming & great mood setters.Pampering Yourself at Home on a Budget2

3. Unplug. I know I know it sounds like torture but you can do it! Turn off the TV, put your phone on vibrate and put your laptop away. Only exception is if you are using either or to play music. In that case play some music and put the electronics out of reach.

4. Take a hot bath. A nice long bubble bath mixed with a few drops of your favorite essential oil and some Epsom salt can do wonders for your mood and to relax your tired muscles. Turn the lights off for even more relaxation.

5. Exfoliate. You can make a yummy homemade body scrub with what you already have in your kitchen. Some sugar, honey & essential oil.

6. Put on a mask. My favorite mask is the ItWorks facial applicator. It tightens, tones, hydrates and firms my face giving it a lifted younger look. You can also make some great DIY facial masks and scrubs. For some recipes click here.Pampering Yourself at Home on a Budget1

7. Deep condition your hair. I like to use coconut oil. Before getting into the tub I will apply and massage coconut oil into my hair, pin it up and put a shower cap on. Wash & condition your hair as you normally would when your done. Here are some other DIY hair masks and deep conditioners.

8. De-puff your eyes. Cucumber slices and cool tea bags really do work. Try black or green tea – the caffeine is good to decrease puffiness.

8. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! After getting out of your bath pat yourself dry and take your time massaging olive oil, coconut oil or any oil of you prefer all over your skin. Your skin will look and feel amazing not to mention love you after.

9. Paint your nails. Put on some Netflix and paint your nails. Seems so simple but you will be surprised how good you will feel with freshly painted finger & toe nails! Change it up and try a new color.

10. Make some tea and snuggle into bed. Choose a relaxing tea with no caffeine such as Chamomile, Honey Lavender or a Sleepy Time tea.Pampering Yourself at Home on a Budget1

11. SLEEP. Turn your ringer off and turn your phone around or put it far enough away so they alert lights cannot grab your attention and get some undisturbed sleep. Not enough sleep can make you more stressed and makes you look angry, tired, sad, and certainly older,So get your beauty rest, give your skin time to rejuvenate and repair!

Do it all again next week or as often as you like!!!