Yay its time to dust off those winter time blues and celebrate the start of the new season. No better way to start spring with some spring cleaning and not just your home, a mini makeover in all areas of your life!

Sunshine  and warm weather is not the only welcome change that signals the start of spring. The birds sing more loudly, the the trees and flowers start to blossom and we can look forward to longer, light-filled days.

We also start to notice dust & dirt that had been hidden in winter, a sallow complexion and a few extra lbs on our bodies. We begin to feel a yearning to want to get out and about and enjoy the sunshine.

So it is entirely natural and HEALTHY to start thinking about spring cleaning your house, your body and your life.

Here are some top spring-cleaning tips from the experts to get you started.

Clear Your HomeSpring Clean Your Life


“It’s important to make your space beautiful,” says Brazilian healer Antonia Ruhl. “Plant things in the garden, bring fl owers into the home and light some candles. Steam clean your house – wash your curtains and your walls and clear out your cupboards.”

Personal concierge Georgia Nicholls says this is the most popular season to install new shelving and clear out the spare room, garage or study.

“Household mess can contribute greatly to stress in people’s lives,” Nicholls says. “Even the pantry can stress people out. It’s one of the things that is at the back of  people’s minds but never gets done even though it doesn’t take too long to sort. We clean them out in two hours.”

Detox Your Friends List

Spring can also be a time to think about who or what is holding you back. Often times painful memories and toxic friends are causing obstructions. The best approach is to take personal responsibility while also acknowledging and then releasing people who are associated with pain, frustration, drama and trauma in your life.

“Reflect on how someone who may have brought you pain has contributed to your life, thank them for making that contribution, send them love, connect your hearts and say, ‘I don’t need that experience again’,” Ruhl says. “This cuts the negative cord.”

As for bringing the right relationships into your life, whether intimate or professional, identify exactly what you want and need to be happy.

“If it’s a man you want, sit and contemplate what you really want to experience with a man and what you can contribute to a man’s life,” she says.

“A woman is the way to bring a man truly to his heart because female energy is nourishing and loving. Being in that space, you will attract the man you want and the experience you want to have.”

Move Your BodySpring Clean Your Life

A lot of times the best way to make a commitment to keeping fit is to pay for it, for example with a gym membership. But it is also important you find ways to exercise that you find fun so the commitment is enjoyable and welcomed.

Start slowly if you are starting to exercise after many months without movement per celebrity trainer Donna Aston says

“Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to find time to bring something new into your life, so start with a 15-minute walk, seven days a week,” Aston says.

“Consistency is key. Make it easy by having your workout clothes by the bed or keep your running shoes in the car and stop at a local park for a quick walk on your way home from work.”

Another great solution if you have time restraints is to invest in a skipping rope. Aston says five minutes of skipping is equivalent to a 20-minute walk.

“It’s also important to make time – book an appointment with yourself to exercise,” Aston says. “If it’s in your diary like every other task, it’s more likely to get done.”

Buy a cute exercise outfit that makes you feel good and confident.

“It’s like a new beginning and having new gear is extra motivation to go out and train,” Meldrum says.

Choose a form of exercise you love, if the gym isn’t for you get out and go for a hike or explore a new park.

If you are enjoying it it won’t even feel like working out or  a chore anymore, more like a hobby.

Shake Up Your Diet

Keeping food choices simple is the key to a healthy lifestyle. While different experts suggest different methods to lose weight and improve your nutrition, most agree on one thing choosing whole, unprocessed foods, reducing or eliminating sugar and reducing your portion sizes.

Throw out anything that comes from a packet/box, along with refined sugar and grain. Examples would be boxed rice, ramen noodles, white sugar, white bread ect. Increase your fiber it is a great way to get healthy and more regular.Think green veggies such as Kale, Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts. Also eat your fruit with the skin on. If you are not a fan of fruits and veggies there are some great all natural supplements you can take to get your daily dose of fruits and veggies. My personal favorite is ItWorks Greens you get your recommended daily servings of fruits and veggies, it helps you detox and keeps you regular.

Berry also suggests starting the day with half a fresh lemon squeezed into a glass of warm water. “It stimulates your liver and increases the stomach acids,” she says.

Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water though out the day, cutting out sugar alone is not enough.

Look through your cabinets and panties and read the labels. If there are more than three grams per 100 grams of sugar, throw it out!

“If you eliminate them, there is almost no sugar left in your life and people say it’s like a cloud lifts. You not only lose weight, you gain clarity of thought and feel better than ever before.”